The Taos Archaeological Society's goals are:

  • To conserve the archaeological and historical presence and evidence in North Central New Mexico,
  • To preserve the prehistoric and historic sites and remains in North Central New Mexico,
  • To maintain and extend the records of North Central New Mexican history and prehistory,
  • To promote archaeological, historical, ethnological, and anthropological studies within North Central New Mexico,
  • To promote public awareness of the ancient heritage of North Central New Mexico,
  • To cooperate in the conservation of the native arts, crafts, and customs of the region,
  • To maintain affiliation with the Archaeological Society of New Mexico. 

Funding Opportunities

          The purpose TAS Education Scholarships or Educational Grants

   To encourage and enable Taos area high school youth to pursue a field of study relating to Archaeology - $250

·        To assist teams doing field work in the Taos Valley area - $250

·         To aid current New Mexico college students majoring in Archaeology - $500.00 x 2 times annuaIIy.

The types of educational grants we provide

                  The Taos Archaeological Society will provide scholarships to eligible Taos County high school students enrolling in college with the intention of pursuing a degree in Archeology or a closely related field of study. 

 [Application 1A]

        The scholarship fund will also consider awarding monetary grants (maximum of $500) to teams or individuals doing archaeological research in the Taos area when it is performed under the direction of an accredited University field school.

 [Attachment 1B]  

        A third scholarship type can also be awarded to New Mexico residents currently attending a two year or four year accredited college in New Mexico or out-of-state and working on a degree in Archaeology. 

[Application 1C]

Bus Transportation Funding

This grant is designed to help students and teachers who want to take advantage of archaeology learning opportunities and are in need of transportation. Eligible organizations include, but are not limited to public, private, charter or parochial schools (pre-kindergarten through secondary schools) and associations for home-schooled students actively studying aspects of archaeology of New Mexico.

The applicant may request up to $400 to cover travel expenses that would transport students to and from sites that would enhance their study of archaeology.

Please click on the icon below, to fill out the application:

Who is on the selection committee for awards made under our program

The selection committee consists of a minimum of 5 members; three from the TAS Education Committee, the TAS President and any other TAS members in good standing with a knowledge of and interest in higher education.  The Chairperson of the Education Committee will solicit TAS members to join the selection committee.  The committee will submit a written annual report to the TAS Executive Board including data on current applicants, a brief profile of each recipient, and a summary of the scholarship program history.

The Selection Committee will submit their list of selected candidates to the full membership, outlining the achievements of the selected students and reasons for each choice.  The full TAS membership will then vote, with a majority vote needed for each recommended award.  Should there be only one applicant, the Selection Committee can proceed with awarding the scholarship to that person, as long as the general membership has approved a scholarship disbursement in the Education Committee budget for that year and has been informed of the recipient and the work being performed.

Criteria to determine who is eligible for a TAS Scholarship

·     First priority in awarding a TAS scholarship will be the local high school applicants. If there are no viable candidates from this pool of applicants, second priority will be for college field work being done in the Taos Valley area, and the third priority being given to New Mexico students currently working on a degree in Archaeology.

·     Local scholarship applicants must be a Taos County high school senior or graduate at time of application and must intend to major in Archaeology or a closely related field of study.  Student must rank in the top 25% of their senior class. 

·     Applicants applying for TAS scholarship grants for University field work in the Taos Valley must provide information about the field work goals and an out of the project, including deliverables.


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