Field Work Projects

La Cueva Rock Shelter Excavation and Survey

August 2019

This year's ending of the excavation at La Cueva, Valle Vidal. Many TAS members participated and exciting discoveries were made. Price Heiner of NFS/Heritage Program was Team Leader and there are plans to continue

at this site next August. Wow! To have this as the office... yeah!

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Rock shelter

Orienting north in level 5

Flakes and butchered bones

[San Pedro Side-Notched] dart point

View from rock shelter

Getting some height. Price, Tim and Travis.

Screening for the smallest flakes

Travis applies a delicate touch.

Pot Creek Excavation

Dr Mike Adler of SMU-in-Taos explains the Pot Creek culture to members of the sherding group.


Llano Quemado Archaeology Site, Taos NM

This is a video of the Taos Archaeological Society excavation of the Llano Quemado Anasazi site conducted on private land during the summers of 1989, 1990, and 1991. Dating of the site was through successful ceramic style dating. View the video here:

 Llano Quemado Archaeology Site, Taos NM

Results of Pollen and Starch Analysis of Samples

Taken from Chiflo Playa #1, Rio Grande Basin

Taos County, New Mexico

NMCRIS Activity Number: 142254

LA Number: 193273

                                 Photo: Tim Viereck

Principle Investigators:

Dr Tom Dillehay, Vanderbilt University

Dorothy Wells, Taos Archaeological Society

Gary Grief, Taos Archaeological Society

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