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TAS Monthly Meeting

  • 13 Mar 2012
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Kit Carson Electric - 118 Cruz Alta Rd, Taos



Date:              Tuesday, 7PM, March 13, 2012

Location:        Kit Carson Electric - 118 Cruz Alta Rd., Taos                               

Title:            A New Look at Old Dogs     

Speaker:         Dody Fugate

Dinner Plans????

Join our Speaker and other TAS members at the Trading Post for 5pm for dinner prior to the meeting.

Please call Anna to confirm your reservations

annabeth3004@gmail.com or 758-8696

Pre-Columbian Dogs in the Southwest

What is a dog, anyway? Where did dogs come from? How did wolves become dogs and when? Where did the early peoples living in the southwest get their dogs and how did dogs fit in these early cultures? How did changes in the environment and culture affect the way dogs and people interacted in the Southwest? What other cultures may have affected the way dogs and people in the Southwest related to each other? All of these questions will be examined and some interesting facts will be presented.

Dody Fugate is a researcher and curator at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe. She has been studying the origins of the domestic dog since the early 1990’s and the cultural interaction between dogs and humans, especially in the Southwest for 20 years.

Her work has been featured in National Geographic where she reported that she has developed a database of almost 700 dog burials many that indicated they were ritual burials and other where humans and dogs were buried together.

Dogs are associated with many creation myths with leading people from the underworld and guarding entrances to other worlds, many of the burials she has found are near the openings of pits.

Ms. Fugate has a Masters of Science degree in Archaeology from the University of Arizona as well as one in Museum Management. 

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