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TAS September Speaker: Alysia L. Abbott PhD 

September 13, 2017  Wednesday

Alysia Abbott holds degrees in Archaeology and in Anthropology from the University of Texas and the University of New Mexico.  She has 30 years of archaeological research experience in New Mexico and the broader Southwestern United States.

 The Pre-Columbian Peopling of the Taos Area: When and How.

 It was generally accepted by the earliest archaeologists of the Taos area that the peopling of the Taos Valley in pre-Columbian times was accomplished by the actual movement of people from the Anasazi world, most prominently during the last half of the 11th century.  Research has been taking shape for decades that suggests that one migration was not the primary source of the pre-Columbian population, but instead the prehistory of the Taos area was a series of interactions of people and ideas over many centuries.  How is archaeological research being used to untangle the complicated history of people in the Taos area and what are the challenges?     

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