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TAS Brown Bag - The History of Chan Chich

  • 11 Aug 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • BLM Office, Cruz Alta Rd

Brown Bag Lecture Topic: The History of Chan Bhich Belize - August 11th - BLM Office

Speaker: Paisley Palmer

I have just finished the first year of my master’s program at New Mexico State University.  I am focusing on isotope analysis on deer bones from the Yucatan Peninsula with Dr. Rani Alexander.  I am investigating environmental depression, deer domestication, and hierarchy at the time of the Maya collapse. 

This summer I am working my fourth season at Chan Chich Belize with the Chan Chich Archaeological Project.  This is a long-term occupancy site right on the border of Belize and Guatemala.  I will be presenting the history of Chan Chich, and findings from the last four years along with what that means for the site.  My focus this year is chronology of the Upper Plaza.  The Upper Place houses elite structures, along with the largest building in the site.  This is the location of a known king’s burial found in 1997, along with other high quality artifacts.  This is a beautiful Classic Maya site with a rich history to be explored.        

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