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  • June 7th - Dixon Lecture Series

June 7th - Dixon Lecture Series

  • 07 Jun 2017
  • 7:00 PM
  • Embudo Valley Library, Dixon

Dixon Summer Archaeology Lecture Series

Wednesday, June 7th - 7PM

TAS members,

The first of the Summer Archaeology Lecture Series in Dixon will take place on WednesdayJune 7th at 7pm at the Dixon Library. Our speaker is Dr. Darryl Wilkinson, a colleague of Sev’s and currently the Isaac Newton Fellow at Cambridge University in England. Description of his talk is below.  See you there, Karen C.

Ancient Drug Cultures: an Archaeology of Psychoactive Substances in the Pre-colonial Andes
It is common to think of political power in ancient societies as grounded in military success, the accumulation of vast wealth, or through the manipulation of religious ideologies. But ancient leaders were not just conquerors, priest-kings and property magnates... they were drug barons too. This talk will explore the various ways in which the control of psychoactives substances was a major source of power during the last 3,000 years of Andean prehistory. Although we tend to think of narco-states as a relatively modern phenomenon, the relationship between drugs and politics has a very deep and complex history — one which only archaeology can bring to light. 

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