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TAS Monthly Meeting/Lecture

  • 09 Nov 2010
  • 7:00 PM - 8:29 PM
  • Kit Carson Electric - 118 Cruz Alta Rd, Taos



Date:              Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Location:        Kit Carson Electric - 118 Cruz Alta Rd,                            Taos

Title:               The Complexity and Diversity

                        of Chaco Canyon

Paul F. Reed
                        Preservation Archaeologist
                        Chaco Scholar
                        Center for Desert Archaeology
                        Salmon Ruins Museum

Chaco Canyon's massive sites, beauty, and

mystery need little introduction for literate

audiences in the American Southwest. Less

well known, though, are the complexity and

diversity of the Pueblo sites in Chaco. In

this discussion, Paul will delve into these

issues, going beneath the surface to explore

the uniqueness and magic of the ancient

Puebloan society headquartered at Chaco


Paul F. Reed is a Preservation Archaeologist with

the Center for Desert Archaeology currently 

assigned as Chaco Scholar at Salmon Ruins,

New Mexico. Reed has been employed in this

position for the last nine years. He completed

work as editor (and author of several chapters)

on Chaco's Northern Prodigies: Salmon, Aztec,

and the Ascendancy of the Middle San Juan Region

After AD 1100, published by the University of

Utah press in August 2008. Reed was also editor

(and author of several chapters) of the three-

volume, comprehensive report entitled Thirty-

Five Years of Archaeological Research at

Salmon Ruins, New Mexico published in 2006

by the Center and the Salmon Ruins Museum.

Together with a group of research partners, Reed has recently finished a National Science Foundation-sponsored research project investigating the late eleventh-century Chacoan presence in the Middle San Juan region. The basic question to be addressed: did Chaco Canyon residents migrate to the Middle San Juan region to construct and reside at the great house sites of Salmon and Aztec or are the Chacoan traits (architecture, ceramics, stone tools, perishable items) from these sites the result of emulation of Chacoan culture by local residents? Is there evidence for both processes?

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